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call_me_Dee [userpic]


October 5th, 2014 (04:16 am)

"Shining Star","Earth, Wind & Fire","Greatest Hits"
"She just satisfies","Jimmy Page","Session Man Vol.1"
"She Was Tall","Page, Jimmy 9030","Jimmy's Back Pages...The Early Years"
"Sunshine Superman","Donovan","Jimmy's Back Pages... The Early Years"
"Strange","The Soft Boys","Underwater Moonlight"
"Shiny Cage","The Dukes of Stratosphear","Psonic Psunspot"
"Song for Marie","The Late B.P. Helium","Kumquat Mae"
"so long to the ice cream bars","MANTITS","Love Songs for the Apocalypse (split CD w/Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains)"
"Sand Man's Tongue","Volbeat","Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil"
"Sold To The Highest Buddha","Gong","Radio Gnome Invisible Vol. 2 - Angel's Egg"
"Submarine of Salt","Daevid Allen/Daevid Allen's University of Errors/University of Errors","Money Doesn't Make It"
"Skeleton","Psychotic Waltz","Bleeding"
"Setting Sun","Noel Gallagher/The Chemical Brothers","Singles 93-03"
"Superman","R.E.M.","Nightswimming - Greatest Hits Live"
"The Son of Flynn","Daft Punk","TRON: Legacy"
"Sowelu","Wardruna","Runaljod - Yggdrasil"
"Sixties","The Essex Green","Everything Is Green"
"Synecku Synecku","Varmuzova Cimbalova","O.S.T. Hostel II"
"ST-04 (Ancient Castle Basement Stage)","Masami Ueda","Devil May Cry Original Soundtrack (DISC 01)"
"Shiv-R - Suffer","Oi Va Voi","Gothic Compilation Vol.48"
"Souher zaki fi balady","Oi Va Voi","The Masters Of Bellydance Music"
"Shock of Noise","Haggard - www.musicasparabaixar.org","Various Stages of Ice - www.musicasparabaixar.org"
"Said Tomorrow","The Purple Outside","Unknown album (10/18/2012 2:16:52 AM)"
"Sea Song","Robert Wyatt","Rock Bottom"
"Stoned","Dido","Life for Rent"
"Stardust We Are","The Flower Kings","Meet the Flower Kings"
"Silence Of The Morning","The Glass Sun","An Overdose Of Heavy Psych-Authentic Way Cool Sixties Artifacts"
"Swedish Pagans","Sabaton","The Art of War (Re-Armed)"
"Seven Nation Army (feat. Alice Russell)","Nostalgia 77","The Garden"
"Subterranea Part 3","IQ","Subterranea"
"Shark Heaven (Demo Track)","Furbowl","Swedish Death Metal"
"Some Pain Will Last","Kreator","Extreme Aggression"
"Sepulcros en ruinas","Masacre","Reqviem"
"Septette for the Dead Princess","ZUN","Scarlet Weather Rhapsody OST"
"Suicidal Winds","Celtic Frost","Morbid Tales"
"Suuri pää taivaasta","Oranssi Pazuzu","Muukalainen puhuu"
"Stagnation","Genesis","Archive 1967-75"
"Strings in the Earth and Air","Dr. Strangely Strange","Kip of the Serenes"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit","Melvins","The Crybaby"
"Shotgun- Eef","Eef Barzelay","My Life or Some Dream"
"The Silence Thereafter","Craft","Terror Propaganda [7xx]"
"Samfundet Forn Sed","Samfundet Forn Sed","Samfundet Forn Sed"
"6 Star of Sirius","Genesis - Hackett (Steve)","Voyage Of The Acolyte"
"Swampsnake","The Sensational Alex Harvey Band","Framed"
"The Splendour of the Trident Tiger","One Tail One Head","One Tail One Head"
"ST-01 (Ancient Castle Stage)","Masami Ueda","Devil May Cry Original Soundtrack (DISC 01)"
"Skeleton Key","Strange Powers","MMMMMMMM"
"Schism Prism / Adamantos","Master Musicians of Bukkake","Totem One"
"Sleep (Fingers Lullaby)","The Boomtown Rats","The Fine Art of Surfacing"
"She Gave Me An Apple","The Legendary Pink Dots","Chemical Playschool 15"
"Sugar Whore","Rael OneCloud","Casket Grrl"
"Stairway to Heaven","Tiny Tim","Girl"
"Sister Disco","The Who","The Ultimate Collection"
"Silvester Anfang","Mayhem","Deathcrush"
"Starlight","Muse","Black Holes and Revelations"
"Supermassive Black Hole","Muse","Black Holes & Revelations"
"Stockholm Syndrome","Muse","Absolution"
"Strange Days","The Doors","Best Of The Doors (Disc 1)"
"Spectacular Spectacular","Moulin Rouge","Moulin Rouge Soundtrack 2"
"Sanktuarium/Firth of Fifth","Quidam","Live in Mexico '99 - Baja Prog"
"Set Controls For The Heart Of The Sun","Psychic TV","Saucerful of Pink: Tribute to Pink Floyd"
"Sabre Dance","Love Sculpture","20 Great Instrumentals"
"scary subway guy","The Wiz OST","The Wiz"
"SH 4 hauntings","Akira Yamaoka","Silent Hill 4 The Room OST"
"The Splendour of the Trident Tiger","One Tail One Head","One Tail One Head"
"Singapore","Tom Waits","Rain Dogs"
"Sufi Mali","XCultures","One World One People"
"Skótoseme","Diamanda Galas, John Paul Jones","Sporting Life"
"Skin and Bones (Live Form Skin and Bones)","Foo Fighters","Greatest Hits"
"Suite Madame Blue","Styx","Greatest Hits"
"Superstar","For Squirrels","Sony Music CD Sampler"
"Seersken","Valravn","Koder på snor"
"Svik","Gjenferdsel","Metal Message Vol. 4"
"Sweet Dreams","Alejandro Jodorowsky & Simon Boswell","Santa Sangre"
"the sacrifice","horse","horse"
"Sha ne tsukuttaruka (...and I'll make it)","idk","Excel Saga OST"
"Seattle (In Memory Of...)","Salem Hill","Be"
"Surfin' Bird","Sodom","M-16"
"Skeleton Kiss (Death mix)","Christian Death","The Iron Mask"
"Skiing Down a Hill of Dead Fishies","Golden Disko Ship","Prehistoric Ghost Party"
"Swimming  Pool","Golden Disko Ship","Prehistoric Ghost Party"
"slant + slide","Rubella Ballet","The Ballet's Birthday Box"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit","Xorcist","Bitches EP"
"Smells Like Queer Spirit","Pansy Division","Pile Up"
"Silver Tongue","Humble Pie","Town and Country"
"Symphony 666","Tomba","Digital Download"
"Snootable Snunshine","Richard Wright aka Nancy Taube","The Nancy Tracks"
"Siculicidium","Vízöntö","Élö népzene III"
"Seven Stones","Genesis","Nursery Cryme"
"Stone Cold Fever","Humble Pie","Rock On"
"Special Death","Mirah","Advisory Committee"
"Spleen","William Shatner","The Transformed Man"
"Sing If You're Glad To Be Gay","Robinson Tom ","Power In The Darkness"
"Shake That Fat","Iron Virgin","The Day After The Sabbath 25: Cantrips"
"Starman","Nosferatu","Goth Oddity: ATribute To David Bowie"
"She Is Death","The Flaming Lips","Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd"
"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath","Black Sabbath","Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Remastered)"
"Starlight","Muse","Black Holes and Revelations"
"Stately, Wrong","Nero's Day at Disneyland","Monsters Of Cock Rock Disco"
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)","Marilyn Manson","Smells Like Children"
"Smile In The Crowd","Martin L. Gore","Counterfeit"
"Sky Pup","Melvins","Houdini"
"Starship Narrator","Boris with Michio Kurihara","Rainbow"
"The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anym","The Walker Brothers","The Ultimate Love Songs Collection [Vol.15][2007]"
"So Frail","Mirrorthrone","Gangrene"
"Sickness Unto Foolish Death","Akira Yamaoka","Silent Hill 3 OST"
"Siam Seesaw","Greenslade","Spyglass Guest"
"Scarin'","The Halo Benders","God Don't Make No Junk"
"Sepulchral Voice","Sodom","The Final Sign of Evil"
"Scream. Johnny. Scream","Chainsaws and Children","s/t"
"the suitcase was getting heavy....","The Dukes of Stratosphear","Psonic Psunspot"
"Save Room","Resident Evil","Resident Evil"
"Subject-(No Name)","John Moran","The Manson Family Opera"
"Skal Vi Lage Snømann","Oline Hopen, Sofi Charlotte Funner, May Kristin Kaspersen","Frost"
"scat singing/ pipes","Konnonol_D'Irashi","thillani-rhythm of the heat"
"Supper's Ready","Genesis","Foxtrot"
"scary subway guy","The Wiz OST","The Wiz"
"Spectral Walls of Captivity","Kaneq","Kaneq"
"Sleigh Ride","the late b.p. helium","Xmas with the E6"
"Sakura Uta","hell girl","Jigoku shoujo"
"Saraswati chant","Karunamayi","Amma"
"Surrya Mantra Chanting","Karunamayi","Devi Ma Bhajans"
"Sweet Leaf","Thou","Through the Empires of Eternal Void"
"Summer Song","John Klemmer","Eruptions"
"Shotgun- Eef","Eef Barzelay","My Life or Some Dream"
"So Damn Early","The Raincoats","Looking in the Shadows"
"The Splendour of the Trident Tiger","One Tail One Head","One Tail One Head"
"Silent Night","Stevie Nicks","A Very Special Christmas, Vol. 5"
"?                  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha","The Boomtown Rats","The Fine Art of Surfacing"
"Stairway to Heaven","Tiny Tim","Girl"
"Sea and Sand","The Who","Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who"
"Still Remains","Stone Temple Pilots","Purple"
"Starlight","Muse","Black Holes and Revelations"
"Sorry, I'm Leaving Now","Antihoney","As We Kill the Night"
"Save Yourself","Stabbing Westward","T H E A V E N G E R S EP"
"Sharkey's Night (Album Version)","Laurie Anderson","Mister Heartbreak"
"So Long to the Ice Cream Bars","Mantits","Love Songs for the Apocalypse"
"Stairway to Heaven","Stanley Jordan","Flying Home"
"Seven Nation Army","The White Stripes","Elephant"
"Spanish Flea","Herb Alpert","Definitive Hits"
"Sweet Home Alabama","Lynyrd Skynyrd","All Time Greatest Hits"
"Southern Man","Neil Young","After the Gold Rush"
"Stone Cold Fever","Humble Pie","Rock On"
"Starman","Nosferatu","Goth Oddity: ATribute To David Bowie"
"Sadness","Led Apple","Sadness (Digital Singles)"
"Starlight","Muse","Black Holes and Revelations"
"Subject: The Beatles","John Moran","The Manson Family Opera"
"sacrifice music","Vikings (History Channel","blot"
"Stormy","Jesters of Newport","Back from the Grave, Vol. 3"
"Shoo Be Doo","The Cars","Candy-O"
"Shake the Mind","C Cat Trance","New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 3"
"Sjakk matt Jesu Krist","Darkthrone","Sardonic Wrath"
"Sailor","The Brian Jonestown Massacre","Bravery Repetition & Noise (Bonus Track)"
"Slip Inside This House","Primal Scream","Screamadelica"
"Satan Is Real / Straight to Hell (medley)","Hank Williams III","Straight to Hell"
"Static for Blood","Sleepy Eyes Of Death","Street Lights for a Ribcage"
"State Of Grace","Liquid Tension Experiment","Lte 1"
"Salve Virgo Virginum","Mediæval Bæbes","Salva Nos (Save Us)"
"Satellite of Love (alternate demo)","The Velvet Underground","Loaded"
"Scarey Business","Electric Company","The Psychedelic Experience Vol.3"
"Some of Them Are Old","Brian Eno","Here Come the Warm Jets"
"Snake Domain","Head Of David","Nothing Short of Total War (Part One)"
"Sado-Masochism Is a Must","A.R. Kane","Lollita"
"4:41 AM (Sexual Revolution)","Roger Waters","The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking"
"Skeleton","Elf Power","The Winter Is Coming"
"Strange Awakening","Pekka Pohjola","Visitation"
"Sabre Dance","The Bunnys","Let's Go Classics"
"Sifting Jam","Nirvana","Grunge Is Dead"
"Silversong","Mellow Candle","Swaddling Songs"
"Shrooms","FIDLAR","Shit We Recorded In Our Bedroom EP"
"Schneemann","Ewigheim","Bereue Nichts"
"SPLHCB(re","the B","SP"
"Starship Trooper","Yes","The Yes Album"
"Smoke and Mirrors","Abigail Williams","In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns"
"Sick Boogie Murder","Trepalium","Alchemik Clockwork of Disorder"
"Smoke and Mirrors","Abigail Williams","In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns"
"Sleep and Death","Erben der Schöpfung","Twilight"
"Sorry Angel","Serge Gainsbourg","Love on the Beat"
"Space Baby","The Tubes","The Tubes"
"The Skeletal Garden","Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows","Unknown Album"
"Secanje Na Mljet","Djordje Ilijin","Compilation2A"
"Spooky Danish Waltz","Eivind Aarset","Electronique Noire"
"Sorterargatan 3","Gösta Berlings Saga","Detta Har Hänt"
"Sancto Erico","Lisbeth Scott & Nathan Barr","True Blood"
"The Seer Returns","Swans","The Seer"
"Salve, terrae magicae","梶浦由記","Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Special CD 2 - Original Soundtrack I"
"Sunday Séance","Blockhead","Music by Cavelight"
"Skeleton","Elf Power","The Winter Is Coming"
"Severed","Black ICe","Black ICe"
"Salt Chunk Mary","Acid Baby Jesus","Acid Baby Jesus"
"Sleepless fever","Sea Oleena",":)"
"Smokestack Lightning","Howlin' Wolf","This is Howlin' Wolf's new album. He doesn't like it. He didn't like his electric guitar at first either."
"Stella Blue","Willie Nelson","Songbird"
"Stop Laughing","Moose","Honey Bee"
"Síðasta Kveðjan","Árstíðir","Árstíðir"
"Strip the Soul","Porcupine Tree","In Absentia"
"Smallcreep's Day","Mike Rutherford","Smallcreep's Day"
"Spinning","Zero 7","Simple Things"
"Sabbat Schwarzer Highway","Bohren & der Club of Gore","Gore Motel"
"The Surrealist Waltz","Pearls Before Swine","One Nation Underground"
"Suicide Underground","Air","The Virgin Suicides [Original Soundtrack]"
"Something In The Way","Nirvana","In Extremis-Nirvana Remix"
"Sowelu","Wardruna","Runaljod - Yggdrasil"