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call_me_Dee [userpic]


October 5th, 2014 (04:17 am)

"Tin Angel (Will You Ever Come Down)","Hearts And Flowers","Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965-1968"
"The evillest tune in the world","The Partridge Family","vari"
"Traffic Lights","Monty Python","The Final Rip Off"
"Turkish Wine","Portland Cello Project","Daytrotter Studio  8/7/2010"
"Teenage Whore","Dinosaur Feathers","Fantasy Memorial"
"Toe Grabber","Freedom","this"
"The Mass","Era","The Mass"
"Three Days After Death pt.2","Bodkin","Bodkin"
"This Is Heresy","Christian Death","Jesus Points the Bone at You?"
"Toki's Theme","The Dave Brubeck Quartet","Jazz Impressions of Japan"
"Time Listens","Snow Ghosts","A Small Murmuration"
"The Ones You Left Behind","Darkthrone","The Underground Resistance"
"Tidens gång","Taken by Trees","East of Eden"
"Thumbtacks in My Marrow","Asaf Avidan","Different Pulses"
"To Know","Saturnalia Temple","On The Powers Of The Sphinx"
"Theme from Psycomania","Sun Dial","frog"
"The Chain","Fleetwood Mac","Rumours"
"Takin' Care of Business","Bachman-Turner Overdrive","BTO's Greatest"
"Toy Box Dingfutzer","Canary Productions","CPCD 109 Sound Effects"
"The Tsukimori Song (Pipe Organ)","Masafumi Takagi, Etsuko Ichikawa","Fatal Frame 4 Translation Soundtrack"
"A Tone Testament","Leila Waddell","777"
"The Forgotten Dying Moon","Elffor","Unblessed Woods"
"The Castiel Song","elizabethjeansmart","coffeeandcheesecake.tumblr"
"They're All Dead","The Bloody Beetroots","Misfits Score"
"Triton","Brendon Small","Galaktikon"
"Tomorrow Never Knows (decompressed)","decompressed","r e v o l v e r "
"Tweezer Reprise","Phish","A Picture of Nectar"
"Tragic Keys","MATTOX","Prizefighter"
"Take Your Ears as the Bones of Their Queen","Doctor Nerve","Skin"
"The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke)","Hawkwind","Hall of the Mountain Grill"
"The Chase","Kill Bill Vol. 2","No Album"
"Türkü","Erkin Koray","Elektronik Türküler"
"Tredje satsen","Samla Mammas Manna","Snorungarnas Symfoni"
"They Broke the Speed of Light","The Late B.P. Helium","Amok"
"There's a Platypus Controlling Me","Dr. Doofenshmirtz/Phineas and Ferb","Across the 1st & 2nd Dimensions"
"The Rock","The Who","Quadrophenia"
"07 Tigermoth","Hackett (Steve)","Spectral Mornings"
"The 5th","Ekseption","Ekseption"
"Time to Die","Void","Faith\/Void"
"Triumph of the Gods","Hellllllhammer","this"
"This Messiah Needs Watching","Mogwai","Les Revenants Soundtrack"
"Tomb Lilies","Cinema Strange","The Astonished Eyes of Evening"
"The Freezing Moon","Mayhem","Nordic Metal - A Tribute To Euronymous"
"Tanith and the Lion Tree","Edward ka-spel","cheradarama"
"Tango Till They're Sore","Tom Waits","Rain Dogs"
"Terrified","Liliput","LiLiPUT (disc 2)"
"Twilight Alehouse","Genesis","Archive 1967-75"
"The Commercial","King Missile","King Missile"
"Tiny Bones","Motherhead Bug","Zambodia"
"The frozen world","Émilie Simon","La Marche De L'Empereur OST"
"Terror","The Queenstons- Renard Queenston","Terror"
"Tom's Last Ride","Cameron, John","Psychomania - Original Soundtrack"
"21st Century Schizoid Man","Shining","Blackjazz"
"Toreador Song From Carmen","The Bunnys","Let's Go Classics"
"Today to Night","Golden Disko Ship","Prehistoric Ghost Party"
"The Tempest","Pendulum","In Silico"
"The Thermocline","Dougie MacLean","The Search"
"Ta Ziliarika Sou Matia","Γλυκερία","Putumayo Presents - Greece, A Musical Odyssey"
"The First Time I Saw You","Frances Farmer","The Toast of New York OST"
"The Last Mile","Nico","Jimmy's Back Pages...The Early Years"
"Tips zum Selbstmord","Necronomicon","Tips Zum Selbstmord"
"Tears (Only Dry)","The Vipers","Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the Second Psychedelic Era (disc 2)"
"This Is Halloween (in Japanese)","Danny Elfman","The Nightmare Before Xmas"
"Third Uncle","801","Live"
"Thurs","Wardruna","Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga"
"Tom Nvr Knw","selteab09","faboo"
"Time/Great Gig In the Sky","puh fluey","(with binaurals)"
"The Turkey","Paul Revere & the Raiders","Cherokee Nation"
"To Reach Out for Eternity","Surrender of Divinity","Surrender of Divinity"
"Take 5","Utada Hikaruuuu","Heart Stationnnnn"
"This Light is My Nemesis","Jenn Khoury","Eye Wish Dust Camera"
"07 - Fireball Ministry - Turn To Stone","Various Artists","Sucking The 70's II: Back In The Saddle Again Disc 2 2006"
"T.V. Eye (takes 7 & 8)","The Stooges","Fun House"
"This Town Ain't Big Enough Fo","Sparks","Kimono My House"
"The Commercial","King Missile","King Missile"
"Take Him Away","Bo Lozoff","Stumbling Towards the Light"
"Tragic Dream","Morbid cover","unknown bandcamp"
"Thanks for the Lineeee","Thee Birds of Satan","Taylor eats crayons for great justice but only the Daves understand "
"Tattva","Kula Shaker","Kollected: The Best Of"
"Toreador Song From Carmen","The Bunnys","Let's Go Classics"
"Temptation","The Tea Party","Tangents"
"Travelling Woman","Bat for Lashes","Two Suns"
"The Drugstore Sells Sparks!","Ailsean","Bound Together"
"The Pyre","Jeff Martin/Jeff Martin 777","The Ground Cries Out"
"The Thermocline","Dougie MacLean","The Search"
"To Where","Grass Widow","Grass Widow"
"They Called Him The Priest/Co","Nirvana","In Extremis-Nirvana Remix"
"Time For You To Leave, William Blake..","Neil Young","Dead Man"
"Time's Door","Cerebrum","The Day After The Sabbath 39 Bandera Inmortal"
"Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku","榊原ゆい","Steins;Gate ED Single - Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku"
"A Thousand Ways","Cabaret Voltaire","Red Mecca"
"Third Uncle","Brian Eno","Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)"
"Taking Tiger Mountain","Brian Eno","Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)"
"Trial Trip","Birth Control","Plastic People"
"Treat Her Better","Mac DeMarco","Salad Days"
"Tears of the moon","Eucholy","My deepest weakness"
"Time To Say Goodnight","Two Ton Boa","Time To Say Goodnight"
"Toyshadcometolife","Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan)","Disc_102106_4"
"Too Far Gone to Seee","Burdz of Seitan","s/t"
"Tears Of A Chord","Kissing Spell","Los Pajaros  "
"The Las - There She Goes","Dark Side of the 80s","Dark Side Of The 80s"
"Tales (Live From the Crypt)","The For Carnation","The For Carnation"
"Tempus est iucundum","Artefactum","Medievo. Obras Maestras de la Música Medieval Española"
"Tales Of Purple Sally","Alex","Compilation 12"
"To the Stars","Takenobu","Introduction"
"Tröllaslagur","Icelandic Folk Music","Icelandic Folk Music"
"Turtle Song","The Sunshine Fix","A Spiraling World of Pop"
"True","Akira Yamaoka","Silent Hill 2"
"That's Enough For Me","Paul Williams","Just An Old Fashioned Love Song"
"This Clouded Heart","Steven Jesse Bernstein","Afternoon Delight: Love Songs From Sub Pop"
"Time Jesum Transuentum Et...","Nick Cave & The Dirty Three","Songs In The Key Of X"
"Tutti Forgetti","Brian Eno","My Squelchy Life"
"Ten Days to the Stand","Djam Karet","Burning the Hard City"
"Thank God for Sinners","Ty Segall","Twins"
"A Ten Guardian-Spirits Motherfucker","Natural Snow Buildings","The Dance of the Moon and the Sun"
"The Truth","Ulver","Blood Inside"
"TV","The Flying Lizards","The Flying Lizards"
"The One","The Black Noodle Project","Ready to Go"
"Troubadour","Tim Buckley","Dream Letter: Live in London 1968"
"Taboo - Peter Gabriel And Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan","Various Artists","Natural Born Killers- A Soundtrack For An Oliver Stone Film"
"To the Stars","Takenobu","Introduction"
"Tick, Tick... (feat. MF Grimm)","MF DOOM","Operation: Doomsday"
"This Time","LSD and the Search for God","LSD and the Search for God"
"The Thing That Never Was","OSI","Office of Strategic Influence-LimEd bonus disc"
"True Believers","The Black Angels","Phosphene Dream"