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October 5th, 2014 (04:18 am)

"Meat","Robyn Hitchcock","I Wanna Go Backwards Box Set"
"Melted Rubber Soul","Campfires","BIRP! March 2012"
"The Mass","Era","The Mass"
"Live and Let Die","David Garrett","Rock Symphonies"
"Me And The Devil","Soap&Skin","Sugarbread"
"My Arm...","Gangula Stretch","Gangula Stretch"
"Mad World","Rael OneCloud","Hallelujah Anyway"
"Me Aborrezco Cada Vez Que Llego Tarde","Onda Bidon","Tiny & Big: Music to Cut Rocks By"
"The Legendary Pink Dots | Lucifer Landed","Various","Darkwave - Music of the Shadows v2"
"Little Green Apples","Johnny Mathis","Those Were the Days"
"Lifeboat","Lovage","Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By"
"The Morning After","Maureen McGovern","Billboard Top 100 of 1973"
"Loves Me Like A Rock","Paul Simon","Billboard Hot 100 Singles 1973"
"Miedo en mi Memoria","Gaias Pendulum","Darkwave from the South: Music from the Other America Volume II"
"Look A Ghost","Unwound","Leaves Turn Inside You (left disc)"
"Mad","Vicious Hairy Mary","Orchestra Phantasma"
"Lola of Cayenne","Spiritual Front","Twin a Tin Tin Towers"
"Light My Fire (live doors cover)","Jimmy Page & Robert Plant",""
"(Morays Or) Demon","Shipping News","Flies the Fields"
"My Dil Goes Mmm.","DesiClub.in","Bollywood Hungama"
"Månpolksan | Moon's Polska","Garmarna","Garmarna"
"marching ants","Gorky's Zygotic Mynci","Young Girls & Happy Endings"
"Marble House","The Knife","SILENT SHOUT"
"Last Dance with Mary Jane","Tom Petty","Greatest Hits"
"Lock Howl","Storm Corrosion","Storm Corrosion"
"Loner","Haggard - www.musicasparabaixar.org","Various Stages of Ice - www.musicasparabaixar.org"
"La bibbida bibba dum (extended)","the Governor (Walking Dead)","Bad Lip Reading"
"Life Form Ends","The Future Sound of London","Lifeforms"
"Me And The Devil","Soap&Skin","Me And The Devil"
"Malebolge","Il Castello di Atlante","Dante's Inferno"
"Music to be Born By","Mickey Hart","s/t"
"Lipan Conjuring","Tool","ten thousand days"
"(Love Rides) The Slow Swirling Seas","Velvert Turner Group","Velvert Turner Group"
"Mag Ik Eens Met Uw Viool Spelen","Silvester Anfang","Echte Vlaamse Geiten"
"Misa no Uta","Aya Hirano","Death Note Original Soundtrack III"
"Meeting Her Eyes","Mindflow","Just the two of us... me and Them"
"Minnamoto's Dream (Fade End)","Jade Warrior","Released - By Mooncrazy"
"Moonsongs","Thinking Plague","In This Life"
"The Moon Touches Your Shoulder","Porcupine Tree","The Sky Moves Sideways"
"Matilda Mother","Stinking Lizaveta","Like Black Holes in the Sky: The Tribute to Syd Barrett"
"Magnus And The Assassin","Metalocalypse","The Doomstar Requiem - A Klok Opera"
"The Magic of Time","Genesis","Archive 1967-75"
"Moth Wings","Pond","BIRP! March 2012"
"Lie detector","Mono Men","Bent Pages"
"Loved In Spite of Great Faults","Brødrene Unstad","this one"
"Mourning","Mysticum","1994 - Ulver & Mysticum (Split)"
"Månekåsen, Springar","Gudmund Manheim & Magne Manheim","Manheimspel"
"Men Mitt Hjärta Ska Vara Gjort Av Sten","November","The Day After The Sabbath 2"
"Lord of this World (with Piano and Slide Guitar)","Black Sabbath","Master of Reality"
"Mr. Jones (A Ballad Of A Thin Man)","The Grass Roots","Love Is The Song We Sing San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 [Box Set] [Disc 1]"
"Molly","Ween","The Pod"
"Mom & Dad","Frank Zappa","We're Only In It For The Money"
"Magic and Ecstasy","Ennio Morricone","Exorcist II \"The Heretic\""
"This Light is My Nemesis","Jenn Khoury","Eye Wish Dust Camera"
"Life and Death","Black Land","Extreme Heavy Psych"
"More Than Meets the Eye","Jadis","More Than Meets the Eye"
"Manhole","Tsu shi mi ma rae","Pregnant Fantasy"
"Loved Despite of Great Faults","Blonde Redhead","Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons"
"Märk Hur Vår Skugga","Mediæval Bæbes","Mirabilis"
"Leader","Buffalo","Dead Forever"
"mellow drama","General Fuzz","soulful filling"
"Meatplow","Stone Temple Pilots","Purple"
"Lounge Fly","Stone Temple Pilots","Purple"
"The Lord of the Dance","Gwydion Pendderwen","Tales of Gods Gone Mad"
"Moon River","Liberace","Piano Music Classics Volume 3"
"Me and My Shadow","Liberace","The Best of Liberace"
"Mack the Knife","Liberace","The Best of Liberace"
"The Mole From the Ministry","The Dukes of Stratosphear","Chips From the Chocolate Fireball [2001 Remaster]"
"Moonlit Boat (w. Anni Paisley)","Rael OneCloud","Casket Grrl"
"The Lord Is A Monkey (Rock Version)","Butthole Surfers","Beavis and Butthead Do America Soundtrack"
"Love Rollercoaster","Red Hot Chili Peppers","Beavis And Butthead Do America"
"Lusitania","June of 44","Tropics and Meridians"
"Lonely (Two-Timing Mix)","Argyle Park","Sweet Family Music: A Tribute to Stryper"
"Landet og Havet (with Fenriz commentary)","Isengard","Høstmørke"
"The Lords Theme","John 5 & Griffin Boice","The Lords of Salem"
"montage of Heck/ Insolations","Nirvana","Unknown album (10/18/2012 2:16:52 AM)"
"Moisture (Residents Cover)","Jeff Buckley","Live at Arlenes Grocery"
"Myopia","Cerebral Corps","Attributed to Cerebral Corps"
"Mind Gardens","The Byrds","Younger Than Yesterday"
"Master Of Disguise","Savage Grace","Master Of Disguise 2010"
"Master's Apprentices","Opeth","Deliverance"
"Mama","Angra","Hunters and Prey"
"My Dark Subconscious","Per Ohlin","December Moon  (Demo)"
"Moj Dom Gdzies Daleko (my home is far away)","Czerwono Czarini","28 Partyknuller zum tanzen 2"
"Mayhem With Mercy","Venom","Welcome To Hell"
"Mordet i Grottan","Sörskogen",""
"Loftið verður skyndilega kalt","Ólafur Arnalds","...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness"
"Mindfuck (Soundtrack To A Murder)","Rozz Williams","Accept the Gift of Sin"
"Lake of Fire","Bathory","Destroyer of Worlds"
"Merry Crassmas (Side A)","Crass","Merry Crassmas 7\""
"Love Without Sound","White Noise","An Electric Storm"
"Murderess in a Purple Dress","The Scientists","Heading for a Trauma"
"My Demon Brother","Blood Ceremony","Living With the Ancients"
"Maypole","Dark","Love, Peace & Poetry - British Psychedelic Music"
"Mind Train","Yoko Ono","The Complete Apple Singles Collection Vol 3 1971-1972 (Disc 2)"
"Loch Ness","Dougie MacLean","The Search"
"Metal Command","Exodus","Bonded by Blood"
"Luminous Rose","Robyn Hitchcock","Globe of Frogs"
"Malaguena Salerosa","Kill Bill Vol. 2","Kill Bill Vol. 2 "
"Motorway to Roswell","Pixies","Trompe le Monde"
"Main Title ","Brad Fiedel","The Serpent & The Rainbow"
"Music for a Raw Nerve Ending","Bill Ward","idk"
"Love Reign Oer Me","The Who","Quadrophenia [Original Soundtrack]"
"Long Live The New Flesh","Oscillator Z","Oscillator Z"
"Loki","Outer Mongolia","BODHI"
"Lullaby (From: Rosemary's Baby)","Tim Fischer","Walzerdelirium (Disc 2)"
"Legal Assassin","Repo! the Genetic Opera SOUNDTRACK","Repo! The Genetic Opera [OST]"
"Mojo Filter","Nancy Taube aka Richard Wright","Suck"
"La, La, La","Bert and Ernie","Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie's Greatest Hits"
"Lady's Bransle","Gwydion Pendderwen","songs of the old religion"
"main title fr. 'Silent Hill","Akira Yamaoka","Silent Hill OST"
"Love Without Sound","White Noise","The Amorphous Androgynous - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (2010) [FLAC] {Free CD With Mojo Magazine}"
"Lost In Confusion","Graveyard","(2008) - Classic Cutz #62 (The Best Of 2008)"
"Mayheim I","Akira Yamaoka","Silent Hill 4: The Room Limited Edition Soundtrack"
"Modern","Peter Hammill","The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage"
"14 Los Endos","Genesis - Hackett (Steve)","The Tokyo Tapes (Live)"
"Money","Edgar Winter, Bill Bruford (Yes) And Tony Levin (King Crimson)","Pink Box Songs Of Pink Floyd"
"Le Moribond","Jacques Brel","Infiniment"
"Lifeless Dead","Pearl Jam,Alice in Chains,Mad Season & Screaming Trees","Rare"
"Life Eternal ","Mayhem (Dead vocals)","Return of the Black Heart"
"Pink Beatles in a Purple Zeppelin","Arjen Anthony Lucassen","Lost in the New Real"
"Mrs. Robnson","The Rangers","Sixties Japanese Garage/Psych Rarities Compiled by CROWN Vol. 1"
"WWE - Edge (Metalingus)","James Alan Johnston","WWE Themes Disc 2 - Smackdown!"
"Part II","Bobby Beausoleil and the Freedom Orchestra","Lucifer Rising"
"Metal Heart","Cat Power","Moon Pix"
"14. mellow candle - reverend sisters","Turquoise Wisdom","Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Turquoise Wisdom FALL DOWNERS"
"La Paloma","The Upsidedown","The Town With Bad Wiring"
"Mutter Erde","Gäa","Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus"
"The Magician","Graham Bond","Holy Magick"
"Laxative Souls","LXSS","LXSS"
"Liquid Flowing from a slashed wrist","Benighted in Sodom","s/t"
"Mona (Radio Blues)","Ronnie Wood & Ronnie Lane","Mahoney's Last Stand"
"Malt Liquor","Claire & Bain's Maple Yum Yum","Real Life Fumblings"
"Mansion (opera)","Bloodrayne 2","Bloodrayne 2"
"a series of songs","Mickey Hart","Drumming "
"Milk It","Nirvana","From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah"
"Lucidity","Tame Impala","Innerspeaker"
"Lilywhite Lilith","Genesis","Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, The"
"Lotsa Luck ","opening theme","old TV shows"
"LSD-25","Reverb MFs","punq"
"London Town","PMC","London Town"
"Matte Kudasai","karl creaturecomfort","beg for it"
"Lost Carol","Mary Elizabeth McGlynn","Silent Hill 3 OST"
"My Dil Goes Mmmm - www.Songs.PK","www.Songs.PK","Salaam Namaste"
"The Light Dies Down on Broadway","Genesis","The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"
"Mryunjaya Mantra for Healing","Karunamayi","Mryunjaya Mantra for Healing"
"La Dance Macabre","The Candy Spooky Theater","The Haunted House"
"Me And The Devil","Soap&Skin","Sugarbread"
"L'Via L'Viaquez","The Mars Volta","Frances the Mute"
"Matilda Mother","03","The Piper At The Gates Of Daw"
"Myopia","Cerebral Corps","Attributed to Cerebral Corps"
"Lullabye-bye","Dr. Steel","The Stories of Dr Steel"
"Marionette","Dr. Steel","The Stories of Dr Steel"
"My Exgirlfriend's New Boyfriend","Golden Disko Ship","Prehistoric Ghost Party"
"Memo From Turner","The Rolling Stones","Metamorphosis"
"Love In Song","[no artist]","Paul Mc Cartney & Wings - 1974 - Venus And Mars"
"Mouth to Mouth","Faith No More","Album of the Year"
"Le Chat Du Cafe Des Artistes","Charlotte Gainsbourg","IRM"
"Let There Be More Light","BWS","Randon"
"My Arm...","Gangula Stretch","Gangula Stretch"
"Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah","Osmanli Naksibendi","Zikr"
"Momoiro Kataomoi","松浦亜弥","Matsuura Aya Best 1"
"La, La, La","Bert and Ernie","Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie's Greatest Hits"
"Language of Embers","Arktau Eos","Mirrorion"
"Life at Last","Ray Kennedy","Phantom of the Paradise"
"Light show","Fantastic Zoo","The Psychedelic Experience Vol.1"
"Music To Smoke Bananas By","Elopers","The Psychedelic Experience Vol.2"
"Mother Whale Eyeless","Brian Eno","Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)"
"Memoria (Violin cover by TAM)","Eir Aoi","Fate/Zero ED"
"Mind Quake","Kraan","Wintrup"
"Leave Your Body","Von LMO","Future Language"
"TheSims1Makin'Magic Neighborhood7","MAXIS Studios (EA)","The Sims: Makin' Magic"
"Love Burns","Black Rebel Motorcycle Club","B.R.M.C."
"Love Letter","Purrr","Pussy Power"
"Marazula ","Jar","Mała Nocka"
"Mad Mary Jones","The Vacant Lots","s/t"
"Life Remains","Chatelaine","Take a Line For a Walk"
"The Mournful Howl of Dawn","My Brother The Wind","Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet"
"Masted Milk","Causa Sui","Pewt'r Sessions 1"
"Lady Rachel","Kevin Ayers","Odd Ditties"
"Marche Funèbre","Soap&Skin","Lovetune for Vacuum"
"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Bassnectar Remix)","Bassnectar","Heads Up"
"Maggot Brain","Lili Haydn","Place Between Places"
"Muscle Twitch","Peter Sarstedt","The Lost Album"
"Manet Sorgfull Igjennom Skogen","Old Man's Child","Devil's Path / In the Shades of Life [Split]"
"Make the World Go Round (feat. Game & Chris Brown)","Nas","[untitled]"
"Master of Puppets","Osada Vida","Particles"
"Matrimonio","Ennio Morricone","Escalation"
"Myopic Void","Captain Beyond","Captain Beyond"
"Long Gone (Syd cover)","GOASTT w. Sean","WNYC39"
"Melvyn's Repose [Songs for Swinging Larvae]","Renaldo & The Loaf","The Anesthetic's Wearing Off"
"Lord Grunge","The Frogs","Starjob"
"Like a Whore","Mercyland","Rykodisc/Hannibal Fall '94"
"Left This World","La Sera","Indie/Rock Playlist: April (2011)"
"La fabbrica di plastica","Gianluca Grignani","La fabbrica di plastica"
"(My Doc Told Me I Had) Doggie Head","Yezda Urfa","Sacred Baboon"
"La fabbrica di plastica","Gianluca Grignani","La fabbrica di plastica"
"loadloop","The Sims","Songs From The Sims Game"
"Mountain Goat","The Future Sound of London","Teachings From The Electronic Brain"
"Love Und Romance","The Slits","Cut"
"Mr.Suicide","Agathorn","Sweden 1"
"Life Goes On","The Damned","Strawberries - Deluxe Edition"
"Lover's Bones","The Shroud","Drowning Dreams"
"Loss - Ghost Child","The Residents","Demons Dance Alone"
"Many Songs Have Been Lost","Pan","Pan"
"Livet Er Vel Osse Før Mig","Barbarella","Sweden 1"
"Moonchild","Chrome","Cat Food: A Tribute to King Crimson"
"The Moons Lament","Cindy D'lequez-Sage","The Lovely Bones"
"The Magician","Blood Ceremony","Blood Ceremony"
"My Tulpa","Magazine","Real Life"
"Look Up","Zero 7","When It Falls"
"Lalasamayi","Gopinath Band","Gopinath"
"Les fleurs du mal","Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows","Les fleurs du mal"
"Mail Me","桃井はるこ","Mail Me"
"Les Catacombes","Collection D'Arnell Andrea","Exposition"
"Mystical Powers","sons of thundarr","toking"