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call_me_Dee [userpic]


October 5th, 2014 (04:12 am)

"I Can See For Miles","Petra Haden Sings:","The Who Sell Out"
"If Fingers Were Xylophones","Gorky's Zygotic Mynci","Introducing"
"Itchycoo Park","Small Faces","There Are But Four Small Faces"
"Impressive ","Kia commercial","tv"
"I Could Be Happy","Altered Images","Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80's, Vol. 4"
"Il cieco","Quella Vecchia Locanda","Quella vecchia locanda"
"I put a spell on you","Audience","House on the Hill"
"I'll Drown","Soley","We Sink"
"Insects","Finntrolll","Oingo Boingo cover"
"I Come and Stand at Every Door","The Byrds","Fifth Dimension"
"I Want It I Need It (Death Heated)","Death Grips","Exmilitary"
"If","Frame","The Day After The Sabbath 33: Heftig Melodien"
"I'm Not Feeling Human","The Olivia Tremor Control","Presents: Singles and Beyond"
"I Tried to Make It With You","The Late B.P. Helium","Amok"
"In the Beginning","Genesis","\"From Genesis to Revelation\" By Noxx"
"In Limbo","Genesis","From Genesis to Revelation"
"Ironical Communion (Amber)","Ephel Duath","The Painter's Palette"
"I dig rock and roll music","Peter, Paul & Mary","the peace & love generation"
"If I Had a Heart","Fever Ray","If I Had a Heart"
"I've Got Asthma","The Toy Dolls","Ten Years of Toys"
"Inside The Red Pyramid","Stick Men","Soup"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog","The Stooges","The Stooges"
"I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (Original)","Television Personalities","Yes Darling, but Is It Art?"
"Infrared Passion Angst Ultrablack (mix @ Shane's)","Rael OneCloud","Unknown album (10/18/2012 5:54:07 PM)"
"Infrared Passion Angst Ultrab","Rael OneCloud","Casket Grrl"
"It Just Feels Right (Lita)","James A. Johnston","WWE Anthology (The Attitude Era)"
"I'm Your Boogieman","Crow-  City of Angels, The","Crow-  City of Angels, The"
"Isle of Dogs","Firewater","The Ponzi Scheme"
"I Still Love You, Judas","Firewater","The Ponzi Scheme"
"In Memoriam","Steve Hackett","Darktown"
"I Don't Remember (p. gabriel)","David Byrne","Indie Rock Playlist Nov-Dec 2010"
"Ice Dream","Jeronimo","Time Ride"
"I've Got Asthma","The Toy Dolls","Ten Years of Toys"
"I'm A Marionette","ABBA","Singles Collection 1972-1982. CD14: Take A Chance On Me [1978]"
"I Remember Now","Queensryche","Operation: Mindcrime [Remaster with Bonus Tracks]"
"I Am Vengeance","Pentagram","Review Your Choices"
"If I Wasn't Me","ManTits","ManTits"
"Into the Nowhere","Agent Steel","Omega Conspiracy"
"Knyom Mun Sok Jet Te / I'm Unsatisfied","Pan Ron","Cambodian Rocks"
"Ros Sereysothea / I'm So Shy","Various Artists","Cambodian Rocks CD1"
"Sinn Sisamouth / I Recognize That Face","Various Artists","Cambodian Rocks CD1"
"I'm Coming With You","Cameron, John","Psychomania - Original Soundtrack"
"I Know Why Jesus Wept Motherf","Rael OneCloud","Casket Grrl"
"In the House of the Saints- D'","D'moja","D'Moja"
"I ei Gran Borti Nordre Åsen (with Fenriz commentary)","Isengard","Høstmørke"
"I Feel Love","Donna Summer","Top 100 Dance Hits"
"I Want To Kill You","Darling Violetta","Queen of the Damned"
"Ibiza Bar","BWS","Randon"
"Is There Anybody Out There?","BWS","Randon"
"In The Flesh?","BWS","Randon"
"Interstellar Overdrive","BWS","Randon"
"It Came On A Sunday","Writing On The Wall","The Day After The Sabbath 25: Cantrips"
"In Odin's Court","Folkearth","A Nordic Poem"
"Ildkrig","Jotunspor","Gleipnirs smeder"
"I Cum Donut Filling","Spermswamp","Bizzare Joy Toys & Salvation Trough Visceration"
"In The Flesh (Pink Floyd cover)","Ricardo Vignini & Zé Helder","Viola Extrema - Moda de Rock"
"I've Been Around Too Long","Marmalade","The Day After The Sabbath 25: Cantrips"
"In Amongst the Roses","Strawbs","From the Witchwood"
"In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)","Miranda Sex Garden","Suspiria"
"I Fire Myself","Mary Timony","Mountains"
"I Follow Rivers","Lykke Li","Wounded Rhymes"
"I Know","Tom Odell","Long Way Down (Deluxe)"
"ice girl","Émilie Simon","La Marche De L'Empereur OST"
"In A Broken Dream","Python Lee Jackson","In a Broken Dream"
"I'm a Living Sickness","Dwarves","Horror Stories"
"I Tamper With the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin","Dethklok","Dethalbum II"
"Illuminate Eliminate","Mayhem","Ordo Ad Chao"
"I've Got A Feeling","BECK","BECK -animation BECK soundtrack-"
"I Have The Touch","pre-genesis","Security"
"In Every Dream Home a Heartache","Roxy Music","Viva!"
"I Have Forgiven Jesus","Morrissey","You Are the Quarry"
"Island","Ulver","Wars of the Roses"
"I'll Be There","Jackson 5","The Best of Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5"
"I Want You Back","Jackson 5","The Ultimate Collection"
"It's Not Imagination","Gentle Giant","Civilian"
"01 Intro.mp3","Nirvana","From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah"
"Is She Weird","Pixies","Bossanova"
"Into the White","Pixies","Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies"
"Inertia","Cerebral Corps","Attributed to Cerebral Corps"
"Heaven Heath","Mellow Candle","Swaddling Songs"
"I’ll Stick Around","Foo Fighters","Foo Fighters"
"In My Life","Keith Moon","Two Sides of the Moon"
"I Fell in Love with a Ghost","Rowland S. Howard & Lydia Lunch","Post Punk Disc 2"
"Inaccessible Motive","Senmuth","Deathknowledge & Lifeperception"
"I'll Stay","Funkadelic","Standing on the Verge of Getting It On"
"I'm Your Captain","Grand Funk Railroad","Closer to Home"
"I Will Follow You Into the Dark","Amanda Palmer","An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer"
"In The Deep","Snow Ghosts","A Small Murmuration"
"in tHe name oF tHe FatHer","Black Grape","it'S GReat WHen You'Re StRaiGHt"
"I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better","Dinosaur Jr.","Time Between: A Tribute To The Byrds"
"I Walk On Gilded Splinters","Dr. John the Night Tripper","Gris-gris"
"If There Is Something","Roxy Music","Viva!"
"Ill Be Your Mirror","The Velvet Underground","The Velvet Underground & Nico"
"I Burn For You ( Brimstone & Treacle )","Sting","Unknown Album"
"I WANNA FIND ME A WOMAN THAT'LL HOLD MY BIG TOE TILL I HAVE TO GO","Captain Beefheart","Lick My Decals Off, Baby"
"I Hate Vermont","The Smittens","Gentlefication Now!"
"I Don't Like Mondays","Boomtown Rats","The Fine Art Of Surfacing (1979)"
"I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby","Captain Beefheart","Dust Blows Forward (disc 1)"
"I've Bin Stone Before","Gong","Camembert Electrique"
"In the Pines","Dave Van Ronk","Folkways Years (1959-1961)"
"Into The Crypts Of Rats (Celtic Frost Cover)","Marduk","Obedience EP (2001 Reissue)"
"I Am the Sea","The Who","Quadrophenia"
"I Love Trash","Sesame Street","Platinum: All-Time Favorites"
"I Want To Tell You","Jeff Lynne","Beatles For Me"
"It's Alright for You","The Police","Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings"
"Il banchetto","Premiata Forneria Marconi","Photos of Ghosts"
"I Put a Spell on You","Diamanda Galás","2010-08-02 2257"
"I Control, I Fly","Monster Magnet","Dopes to Infinity"
"I Don't Want U","Blonde Redhead","Blonde Redhead"
"In the Darkness","Death SS","Black Mass"
"In the halls and chambers of stardust the crystallic heavens open","Isengard","Vinterskugge"
"It's Over","Electric Light Orchestra","Out of the Blue"
"I'll Never Tell","Buffy The Vampire Slayer","Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling"
"I've Got A Theory - Bunnies - If We're Together","Buffy The Vampire Slayer","Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling"
"I, Zombie","White Zombie","Astro-Creep: 2000"
"I Kamp med Kvitekrist (with Fenriz commentary)","Isengard","Høstmørke"
"Inanna","The Tea Party","The Edges of Twilight"
"In The Tower (Previously Unissued)","Yes","Drama (Remastered & Expanded)"
"I Am The Walrus","XTC","Studio Unreleased"
"It’s Nearly Africa","XTC","English Settlement"
"I Often Dream Of Trains","Hitchcock, Robyn","I Often Dream Of Trains"
"The Confessions Of Dr. Dream Part One - Irreversible Neural Damage","Kevin Ayers","The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories"
"Iron Night/Torment Storm ","Aura Noir","Fenriz a.k.a. DJ V.K.O.M. presents... Trapped Under Vice, Vol. I"
"I Am I","Queensrÿche","Sign Of The Times: The Best Of Queensryche"
"It's Looking Good","The Rutles","The Rutles"
"I Must Be in Love","The Rutles","The Rutles"
"Inferno","Graeme Revell","The Crow: Original Motion Picture Score"
"Il Giardino delle Delizie (\"The Garden of Delights\")","Ennio Morricone","The Ennio Morricone Anthology: A Fistful of Film Music Disc 1"
"I'm a Mineralist","Nick Mason","Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports"
"I Was Wrong","Nick Mason","Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports"
"I Know Why Jesus Wept, Motherfucker","Rael OneCloud","Casket Grrl"
"instrumental","Ovrot","Metal Gods"
"The Inner Light-The Beatles","fab","singles"
"If By Chance These Words Should Reach You","April Patterson","idk"
"i performed fellatio via AOL","Giant Floating Penis of Despair","oooOOOooOOOOo"
"In a Broken Dream (karaoke)","Python Lee Jackson","karaoke"
"I Won't Break (to You)","The Late B.P. Helium","Kumquat Mae"
"Iron by Woodkid","Karaoke","Karaoke"
"I Could Be Happy","Altered Images","Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80's, Vol. 4"
"Idol Chatter","The Fuzztones","Salt For Zombies"
"If I Had a Heart","Fever Ray","If I Had a Heart"
"If I Had  Heart by Fever Ray","Karaoke","Karaoke"
"Improvvisamenta Ardito mix 3","Casper & The Cookies","The Optimist's Club"
"It Speaks Volumes","King Lin","artok"
"The Impossible Dream","Liberace","I Wish My Brother George was here"
"I Took Two","Daedelus","Exquisite Corpse"
"In the Bathouse","Child Bite","Fantastic Gusts of Blood"
"I'll Fly Away","Ronnie Lane","Mahoney's Last Stand"
"In the Tyrol","Ken Thorne","helpp"
"Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)","Paul Revere and The Raiders","Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits: 1971"
"02 - It's So Hard","Cerebrum","Time's Door"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog","The Stooges","The Stooges"
"I'm Not Your Stepping Stone","Paul Revere and The Raiders","'63 -'67: The Essential Ride"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog","Iggy Pop","The Crow: City Of Angels"
"I Know Why Jesus Wept Motherf","Rael OneCloud","Casket Grrl"
"In My Last Mourning...","Thy Light","Suici.De.pression (Demo)"
"I Know Why Jesus Wept Motherf","Rael OneCloud","Casket Grrl"
"I dig rock and roll music","Peter, Paul & Mary","the peace & love generation"
"In Odin's Court","Folkearth","A Nordic Poem"
"I've Been Around Too Long","Marmalade","The Day After The Sabbath 25: Cantrips"
"I Know","Tom Odell","Long Way Down (Deluxe)"
"In A Broken Dream","Python Lee Jackson","In a Broken Dream"
"I Love Mary","Snakefinger","Chewing Hides the Sound"
"Imagine","Die Form","Histories Disc 1"
"In Mist She Was Standing","Opeth","Orchid"
"Image of a Passing Smile","Pekka Pohjola","Visitation"
"Issoku Sokuhatsu","Yonin Bayashi","Yonin Bayashi"
"I Need Some Sleep","Eels","Shrek 2 [Original Soundtrack]"
"I'm a Mineralist","Nick Mason","Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports"
"I Only Have Eyes For You","Flamingos","R&B Roots of Soul Part 1"
"Into the Cryptic Mist","The Bevis Frond","Triptych"
"In Formaldehyde","Porcupine Tree","4 Chords That Made a Million"
"In My Life","Crosby, Stills & Nash","After the Storm"
"I Think I'm Going Weird","Art","Supernatural Fairy Tales"
"I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles Abbey Road","<Unknown>","<unknown>"
"In My Time Of Dying","Fear Itself","Selftitled"
"I'll Still Love You","Ringo with Eric Clapton","idk"
"İnat","Erkin Koray","Elektronik Türküler"
"I put a spell on you","Audience","House on the Hill"
"In My Sphere","Protomartyr","No Passion All Technique"
"[Adventure Time] I'm Just Your Problem (Marshall Lee)?Ashe?","Marshall Lee","[Adventure Time] I'm Just Your Problem (Marshall Lee)?Ashe?"
"I Want a Man","Uncle Bonsai","Boys Want Sex in the Morning"
"Izgrejala","Vas","Feast of Silence"
"In focuri (the drum madness of","Paraziții","In focuri"
"In A Broken Dream","Fingerfood","Boarding Pass"
"If I Needed Someone","Tica","I Am Sam"
"If I Can't Have You","Zero 7","The Garden"