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call_me_Dee [userpic]


October 5th, 2014 (04:13 am)

"Just One Solution","Lime Spiders","The Cave Comes Alive"
"kicking your shins","MANTITS","Love Songs for the Apocalypse (split CD w/Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains)"
"Keeping the Dream Alive","Münchener Freiheit","Say Anything"
"Juopolle joutunut","Hedningarna","Kaksi!"
"Keep Your Hands Off Her","Leadbelly","Leadbelly Sings Folk Songs"
"Ja, vi elsker dette landet (Norwegian national anthem)","Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra","National Anthems of the World [Madacy]"
"Kostnice 7inch I","The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud","Rest on Your Arms Reversed"
"Junkyard Angel","Glass Hammer","On to Evermore"
"Jump Into the Fire","Harry Nilsson","Nilsson Schmilsson"
"Kadotkoon Maailma","Folterforest","none"
"Kuiama","Electric Light Orchestra","Electric Light Orchestra II"
"Jesu Krisit 100 Krig","Dom Dummaste","Ny Våg 78-82 - Disk 2"
"Kings and Queens","Renaissance","Renaissance"
"The Joker","The Marketts","The Batman Theme"
"Kingdom Of Love","The Soft Boys","Underwater Moonlight ...And How It Got There"
"Kitchenware & Candybars / My Second Album","Stone Temple Pilots","Purple"
"Knights of Cydonia","Muse","Black Holes and Revelations"
"Kuntz","Butthole Surfers","Locust Abortion Technician"
"Kodo [Inside the Sun Remix]","Andrew Martinez/Yoshida Brothers","Yoshida Brothers, Vol. 2"
"Sepulcros en ruinas","Masacre","Reqviem"
"Jewe (You Are the One)","Mickey Hart","Planet Drum"
"Kwuan Tai Duew Luk Puen (You Should Die by Bullets)","Chailai Chaiyata & Sawanee Patana","Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s"
"Just Say No To Love feat. Peter Steele","Iommi","Iommi"
"Kashmir","Led Zeppelin","Physical Graffiti"
"Experimental Music Festival sampler","KAOS Olympia","Olympia WA"
"Jews and Arabs Become Friends","Women of Sodom","Boots"
"Kroppar","Valravn","Koder på snor"
"Koder Pa Snor","Valravn","Koder på snor"
"Jagermeister","Checker Patrol","Metalion in the Park"
"Janani Jaya","Karunamayi","Devi Ma Bhajans"
"Jaya Jaya Jaya Sri","Karunamayi","Devi Ma Bhajans"
"Kings and Queens","Renaissance","Renaissance"
"Jump Medlies","Outer Mongolia","BODHI"
"Knights of Cydonia","Muse","Black Holes and Revelations"
"Kuolematon totuus","Rippikoulu","Musta seremonia"
"Peter Steele / Just Say No To Love","Iommi","Iommi"
"King Of Fuh","Brute Force","Come And Get It - The Best Of Apple Records"
"Kevätrumpu","Paavoharju","Laulu laakson kukista"
"Jardin Du Luxembourg","THE GOASTT","The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger"
"Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks","of Montreal","The Sunlandic Twins"
"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang","Nitzer Ebb","Industrial Complex"
"Kalluri Vaanil (Benny Lava)","Prabhu Deva",""
"Krivo Je More","Divlje Jagode","Compilation 9"
"Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng","Sroeng Santi","Compilation 1"
"The Joy of Living","Blueboy","Unisex"
"Krivo Je More","Divlje Jagode","Compilation 9"
"Joe Public","Rutles,The","Archaeology"
"'Kyuubey no Eigyou Theme'","Paperblossom","Madoka☆Magica Classic"
"Kiss of Life","Gene Loves Jezebel","Kiss of Life"
"Korewoizontoyobunara","Mejibray","Slivers.exe - EP"
"Kumele Vineto","Perunwit","Perkunu Yra Dang I"
"July 23","Fila Brazillia","Black Market Gardening"
"Jack´s Cheese And Bread Snack","Ott","Blumenkraft"
"Jackie's Spine","Angels of Light","The Angels Of Light Sing \"Other People\""
"Jackie's Spine","Angels of Light","The Angels Of Light Sing \"Other People\""
"The Joker","The Marketts","The Batman Theme"
"JESUS CHRIST TWIST","Reverend Beat-Man","Voodoo Rhythm Records \'records to ruin any party\' Vol. 3"
"Kurki","Taipuva Luotisuora","IV"
"Kumdan Kaleler","Özlem Tekin","Laubali"