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call_me_Dee [userpic]


October 5th, 2014 (04:16 am)

"Reefer Man","Cab Calloway","The Early Years- 1930-34 (CD 3)"
"Raisa Raisa","The Late B.P. Helium","2009-12-11 - Caledonia Lounge"
"Rabbit's Ear","The Late B.P. Helium","Amok"
"Rolling Thunder (Shoshone Invocation)","Mickey Hart","Rolling Thunder"
"Risseldy, Rosseldy","Wee Sing","Musical Games, Rhymes, And Silly Songs [Disc 2]"
"A Rose for Emily (Alternative Mix 1)","The Zombies","The Original Studio Recordings"
"Rattman","Fellirium","Portal 2"
"Rain","Yoko Kanno, Steve Conte","Cowboy Bebop OST1"
"02 - Read A Book","Cerebrum","Eagle Death"
"River Styx","Black Rebel Motorcycle Club","Beat the Devil’s Tattoo"
"Roma Divina Urbs","Aborym","Kali-Yuga Bizarre [World War III]"
"Ronnie And Rae's Theme","Black Snake Moan - Sountrack","Black Snake Moan"
"Reindeer Playing in the Streets Like Me","Golden Disko Ship","Prehistoric Ghost Party"
"Ready To Fucky","Sarcófago","I.N.R.I."
"Reflection","The Avengers","I'm Trippin' Alone - 14 Us Garage Psych Rarities"
"Rat Bones","The Hentchmen","Motorvatin'"
"04 - Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks & Cannibal Girls","White Zombie","Beavis And Butthead Do America"
"Revenge","Orange Wedge","Wedge"
"Sølefald","Red for Fire Black for Death ","this one"
"A Rose From The Dead","Botanist","II: A Rose From The Dead"
"Replaceable Parts of Irreplaceable You","Golden Disko Ship","Prehistoric Ghost Party"
"rainbow love","Rubella Ballet","The Ballet's Birthday Box"
"Reparations","Chain And The Gang","Down With Liberty... Up With Chains!"
"Ribs Out","Fuck Buttons","Street Horrrsing"
"Rockalise","Annie Haslam","Annie in Wonderland"
"Re Your Brains","Jonathan Coulton","Thing a Week III"
"Queen Elvis","Robyn Hitchcock","Better Things"
"14. mellow candle - reverend sisters","Turquoise Wisdom","Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Turquoise Wisdom FALL DOWNERS"
"Revelation 666","Necrophobic","Death to All"
"Reflections","ɱiɣuki ɖɑɣ","ɱiɣuki ɖɑɣ"
"Rocking Horse","Aragon","Rocking Horse single"
"A Ritual Mask","Peter Hammil","WOMAD"
"Rome Bone and the Barren Brain","King Lin","artok"
"The Ravenna Witch No. 1","The Green Pajamas","Narcotic Kisses"
"Runaway, Houses, City, Clouds","Tame Impala","Innerspeaker"
"Resident Evil _rgy","soundbytes","none"
"Religion Ruined My Life","Brian Ritchie","Life after the violent feemes"
"Reception","PMC","Back To The Egg"
"Rigor Mortis","Cameo","Blue Note Rare Grooves Vol.2 Straight Funk"
"Rockin' in the Graveyard","Oblivians","Melissa's Garage Revisited"
"Queens of Motor City","Rael OneCloud","Casket Grrl"
"Return of the Rat (outtake, 1992)","Nirvana","With the Lights Out"
"Rifferama","Hatfield and the North","Hatfield and the North"
"Raspberry Heaven","Oranges & Lemons","Soramimi Cake / Raspberry Heaven"
"Rosemary's baby","Purrr","Girls girls girls"
"Resurrection Mary","Purrr","Pussy Power"
"rehearsal (w. Kjetil Manheim)","ORdER","ORDER"
"Requiescat","Chalice","Chronicles Of Dysphoria"
"Red rain (Peter Gabriel & Natalie Merchant)","R.E.M.","R.E.M - Greatest Hits"
"raw","9GOATS BLACK OUT","devils in bedside"
"A Rancid Romance","Diablo Swing Orchestra","Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious"
"Répétition","François De Roubaix","Original DVD Audio Rip (L'Homme Orchestre)"
"Roads","Portishead","Tank Girl Sound Track"
"Angelo Badalamenti - Red Bats With Teeth","Various Artists","Lost Highway Soundtrack"
"Riders on the Storm (Fredwreck feat. Snoop Dogg remix)","The Doors","The Doors Remixed"
"Rag Doll Physics","Diablo Swing Orchestra","The Butcher's Ballroom"
"Resa mot okänt mål","Kebnekajse","Resa mot okänt mål"
"A Ritual Mask","Peter Hammil","WOMAD"
"Run","The Re-Stoned","Return to the Reptiles"
"Run For Your Life","Lara And The Trailers","Oriental Girls"
"Ritual Virtuality","Sainkho Namtchylak","Stepmother City"
"Requiem","The Bevis Frond","Son of Walter"
"Rapid Eye Movement (feat. Black Thought)","Pharoahe Monch","PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"